Value Proposition

PdMAIN provides IT Systems tailored with an exact FIT to your business.

PdMAIN combines the latest technology with industry knowledge to deliver a SOLUTION that provides business value.

PdMAIN is SOFTWARE ON DEMAND, delivered as an Application Service Provider utility business model value.

PdMAIN provides an END-TO-END system solution to run your entire business, big or small.

PdMAIN is a SINGLE SOURCE SUPPLIER providing a accountability and a true business PARTNERSHIP.

PdMAIN will deliver NET BENEFITS IN WEEKS, which is fast time to market value.

The PdMAIN software delivers value as a bundled solution since it is uniquely INTEGRATED directly to the shop floor, 3PL, Supplier or Customer with native transactions for efficiency and cost savings not requiring third party software, services or middleware such as EAI integration mapping, PLC's or general tools.

PdMAIN's proven manufacturing and logistics solutions enable companies to increase customer service, reduce inventory, increase productivity, reduce overhead costs and deliver high-quality products on budget, every time and in a Just-In-Time up to the minute REAL-TIME ACCURACY.



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