Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management software provides the ability to forecast, plan, organize and control the critical processes within the supply chain. From acquisition and replenishment of initial raw materials, to purchasing and inventory control, to the ultimate consumption of the finished product, businesses require accurate, up-to-date information to make the supply chain more manageable.

PdMAIN provides the supply chain management software tools for managing the functions within and outside your company that enable the value chain to make products and provide services to your customers.

What makes PdMAIN supply chain management unique is it's degree of on-line, real-time integration, coupled with a comprehensive and highly flexible functionality, all operating within the PdMAIN Enterprise software. Many of PdMAIN customers use wireless and PLC controlled devices to have up-to-the second information about what is happening now in the business so the plans are always accurate and current.

Feature Highlights:

PdMAIN's supply chain management software capabilities include:

  • Advanced planning & scheduling
  • Demand management and forecasting
  • Product management and collaboration
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Advanced resource scheduling
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Concurrent multi-enterprise
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Collaborative demand and replenishment planning
  • Transportation and distribution planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Production and procurement sourcing
  • Resource optimization

The Supply chain management application spans planning and scheduling, and addresses the supply chain, enterprise planning, production planning and order promising levels. Its primary function, however, is to help you produce schedules, day in and day out, that keep your production flowing at the pinnacle of efficiency.


Demand/Supply Planning and Management

  • Balance resources with requirements and establish/communicate plans for the whole supply chain, including Return, and the execution processes of Source, Make, and Deliver.
  • Management of business rules, supply chain performance, data collection, inventory, capital assets, transportation, planning configuration, and regulatory requirements and compliance.
  • Align the supply chain unit plan with the financial plan.


Sourcing Stocked, Make-to-Order, and Engineer-to-Order Product

  • Schedule deliveries; receive, verify, and transfer product; and authorize supplier payments.
  • Identify and select supply sources when not predetermined, as for engineer-to-order product.
  • Manage business rules, assess supplier performance, and maintain data.
  • Manage inventory, capital assets, incoming product, supplier network, import/export requirements, and supplier agreements.


Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, and Engineer-to-Order, Production Execution

  • Schedule production activities, issue product, produce and test, package, stage product, and release product to deliver.
  • Finalize engineering for engineer-to-order product.
  • Manage rules, performance, data, in-process products (WIP), equipment and facilities, transportation, production network, and regulatory compliance for production.


Order, Warehouse, Transportation, and Installation, Management for Stocked, Make-to-Order, and Engineer-to-Order Product

  • All order management steps from processing customer inquiries and quotes to routing shipments and selecting carriers.
  • Warehouse management from receiving and picking product to load and ship product.
  • Receive and verify product at customer site and install, if necessary.
  • Invoicing customer.
  • Manage Deliver business rules, performance, information, finished product inventories, capital assets, transportation, product life cycle, and import/export requirements.



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