Acquiring goods and services adds up to a great deal more than just the price of the materials purchased. The process to purchase those items includes significant administrative costs, often accounting for half of the purchase price.

When you consider the vast number of purchases your organization makes in a year including  raw material, office equipment, inventory items and specialized services its easy to see how these costs can spiral out of control without careful management.

According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group, Inc., the costs associated with purchases account for 30-35% of a typical manufacturer's expenditures and 60% or more of spending at service firms.

Additional recent research from Gartner Group indicates that by automating purchasing transactions and processes using a web-based electronic procurement solution, companies can reduce purchasing costs by up to 30%, translating to millions of dollars.

While there are many options available in the marketplace, the procurement solution you select is a crucial decision one that can make or break your efforts to improve decision making and save money. You need a solution that is proven, in use today at hundreds of production sites, and backed by a company that has in-depth supply chain and purchasing domain knowledge and expertise.

PdMAIN can allow your organization to realize significant benefits including;

  • Lower prices paid for goods and services through leveraged, volume purchases
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Shorter acquisition cycles.
  • Define and increase the use of preferred suppliers.
  • Reduce off-contract spending.
  • Improve inventory management.



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