On Demand Services

Software as a Service - "Right-Now" Value

PdMAIN provides solutions tailored for the large, mid-sized and small enterprise with a specific goal to provide an exact fit to the business and delivering information in real-time for increased accuracy and profitability.

The "Software as a Service" business model that PdMAIN can provide means that companies can start utilizing the system faster and pay on a per use basis, therefore receiving rapid benefit, close to immediate payback and not require the initial outlay of financial capital that traditional enterprise business systems require.

"On-demand software is the next big thing", "Software as a service is the biggest thing to happen in software in 25 years" say: InfoWorld, Nov 2004

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate-use business applications.
  • Dramatically reduced deployment effort.
  • Significantly faster learning curve.
  • Buy only what you actually consume, usage based.
  • Pay-as-you-go relationship on a per device/per month basis.
  • Easy to set-up great for new businesses and dynamic business units.
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Real-Time Customization from a proven best practices model.
  • Less risk of failure and capital.
  • Manage your suppliers.
  • Minimal upfront expense - not a lifetime of initial costs
  • Fit to your IT operating budget
  • Predictable ongoing expense.
  • More flexible licensing terms.
  • Web-based apps are inherently mobile.
  • PdMAIN manages the servers, reliability, backs up the data, maintenance of technology, reducing IT overhead.
  • Reduce the IT complexity - make it simple with PdMAIN
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Standards-based integration.
  • Immediate analytics.
  • Minimal effort for technology upgrades.
  • More success and higher Return On Investment.




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