To continuously build value for our clients, with world-class, integrated business solutions architected and delivered through a mix of innovation, technology and business process expertise, while fostering client and employee long term success. Simply put; to eliminate the mystery of IT and utilizing technology to elevate business.

PdMAIN's Vision

To broaden our customer base globally and provide world-class business solutions by continuously adding value to business through technical, application and human innovation.

PdMAIN's Corporate Values

  • Focused on customer satisfaction Clearly define requirements and expectations in order to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. Our success is in the satisfaction and success of our customers.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Attitude Take initiative, hold each other accountable to provide innovative solutions for our customers and to conduct business in an enterprising and professional manner.
  • Dedicated to Excellence Insist on quality from yourself and others to promote quality in both our products and services. Continuously measure success.
  • Adaptable Foster an environment that readily accepts and adapts to change to gain competitive advantage.
  • Integrity Demonstrate honesty and trust to build an integrity-driven environment.
  • Respect Always exemplify professionalism and respect with fellow employees, customers and partners.
  • Team Spirit Build strong effective teams in an energetic, fun atmosphere.



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