The benefits of PdMAIN's Logistics and Shipping modules is in improved customer service, reduced finished goods inventory, reduced shipping costs and increased production. Shipping and tracking movement of inventory towards shipments is the one of the last steps in the delivery cycle for manufacturing plants.

The PdMAIN application handles the logistics associated with material movement through the Material Planning modules. The shipment is considered to be either the incoming materials that will be warehoused or the outgoing materials that are sent to customer. PdMAIN addresses both processes using the same modules and calculates the logistics around the shipment. The Packing Orders modules are part of a specialized sub-system of PdMAIN for receiving, packaging and shipping 3rd party materials, items and components. Some PdMAIN customers handle shipping on an up to the minute degree of accuracy, especially for the automotive industries or Just In Time processors.

Feature Highlights:

  • Shipments may include: Regular, Inter-company, International, Domestic, Local, Direct or Rush.
  • Direct Ship, delivered from your Supplier directly to your Customer.
    Trailer Control
  • PdMAIN touch screens have been designed to maximize efficiency and the same modules are used for incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Integrates with inventory system and automatically adjust the inventory.
  • Manages incoming and outgoing trailers
  • Track time for load and unload of trailers
  • Shipping 3rd party materials
  • Ability to transmit electronically EDI files as the truck is leaving the dock
  • Provides numerous modules to deal with various shipping requirements, package shipping, sales order shipping, ship by bin etc.
  • Can be used to calculate load on a trailer and automatically divide the order if weight is not within tolerance.
  • Enforces validation of materials with RF devices
  • Feeds the Resource Planning system.
  • Allows for entry of specific shipping companies
  • Integrates directly with accounting system and adds records automatically.
  • Extremely versatile in reporting and provides easy to view modules for on screen monitoring.
  • Management has a complete overview and can generate numerous reports or run queries in the PdMAIN system.
  • Touches all components of the PdMAIN system including financials, sales orders, purchase orders and every other module in PdMAIN.

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