President's Letter


When I started PdMAIN Corp. in 1977, my initial goal was to develop sound methodologies that could be employed by manufacturing companies, regardless of size or location, to take advantage of the emerging technologies of the day and to become better businesses. It soon became apparent, that the methodologies developed could be applied to almost any kind of business but that the available business software was significantly lagging behind the available hardware technology.


This was the motivation behind the enterprise suite of applications known as PdMAIN and today our company offers highly effective and exceptionally reliable IT solutions that encompass all aspects of current technology, including sophisticated web-enabled ERP software and state-of-the-art wireless hardware.


Our IT solutions are aimed at organizations that are serious about utilizing technology for a competitive advantage in a cost-effective manner with stringent deadlines.


Our company has grown and now provides a full service data center offering end-to-end IT fulfillment. Our customers rely on us as technology partners to deliver complete automation, from shop floor to the executive suite. We have delivered global solutions that are the envy of competitors and have added significant value to our customers’ businesses.


Our data center embodies all the sophistication that modern technology has to offer like fully redundant computer systems, fire protection, electrical generators and highly sophisticated software tools. With the high band-width available today on the internet we now offer the best value to customers with “Software as a Service”, a utility model allowing customers to pick and choose their IT business processes, to an exacting fit and to pay as they receive value.


This is our new software delivery structure allowing companies to receive a payback measured in weeks without investing in an in-house IT infrastructure, rather than the traditional IT project with a payback over many years. The minimum risk of this approach coupled with the rapid delivery means our customers can be flexible in their business and rely on timely service – a truly competitive edge for them.


I believe that the best indicator of our value and performance comes from our customers and from what they tell me; PdMAIN delivers peace of mind.


- Gerhard Fiedler, President



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