Q. What kind of businesses can benefit from PdMAIN?

PdMAIN is applicable to virtually any business. PdMAIN is designed to automate every aspect of an enterprise.

Q. Our organization currently operates an integrated system that seems to be working well. Why should we consider switching?

We always welcome a feature comparison with existing systems. Generally, PdMAIN is found to have a higher level of integration and therefore significantly lower operating cost. To get a measure of integration, completeness and functionality ask the following question:

"If we would remove all desktop programs such as Spreadsheets and local Databases (i.e. Microsoft Excel or Access) would we be able to effectively operate our business."

If the answer is "no" or at least "probably not", your current system is not nearly as complete as it should be and too much of your staff's time is spent to "supplement" your main system with these tools.

Further, PdMAIN's design incorporates current and emerging technologies such as Web enabled and mobile functionalities.

Q. How much time does it take to implement PdMAIN?

Given the proper motivation and resources, the complete enterprise suite of PdMAIN applications can be implemented in as little as 3 months. The fundamental concept behind such a rapid implementation is the premise that PdMAIN is implemented as an entire suite of applications. Of course it is possible to implement PdMAIN one module at a time. That more traditional approach will likely consume considerable more time and resources. This is because considerable effort will need to be spent to transfer data between dissimilar systems and many manual processes.

PdMAIN's implementation methodology allows for rapid implementation while providing the necessary safeguards that allow for a smooth transition from your existing systems.

Q. Is PdMAIN designed for a particular size of business?

PdMAIN can operate on a local or wide area network up to approximately 6,000 users. The user is able to implement only the features and functions that best suit their business. PdMAIN's unique ability to completely web deployable ensures access to the data from practically anywhere and any device.

Q. How do I move my legacy data to PdMAIN?

We have considerable experience in importing legacy data. In fact we have imported thousands of data tables into PdMAIN. More than likely we have already done it with a similar database.

Q. If I want to keep some modules from my old system, can PdMAIN be integrated with these modules?

Having one system to provide all business functionality within an enterprise is the fundamental premise behind the PdMAIN philosophy. Therefore, every effort should be made to incorporate the functionality of these modules within the PdMAIN framework. However, often integration is required and desired with your customers' and suppliers' systems. We have many years of experience in developing such interfaces, which positions us ideally to provide you with complete B2B solutions. If you have a module that addresses a specific business function that it is not part of PdMAIN, we will provide the necessary customization and integration services.

Q. Will we be required to change our business procedures to "accommodate" PdMAIN?

PdMAIN's fundamental design concepts will ensure that the programs will allow you to operate your business according to your policies that are what makes you successful. Therefore you will NOT have to change to accommodate PdMAIN. However, you will be able to "shed" many functions and processes that currently are the cause of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs of operations. In other words, a PdMAIN implementation is more than a "paving the cow path" approach.

Q. Does PdMAIN integrate with other systems such CAD, PLC, e-mail etc.?

PdMAIN currently integrates with popular CAD systems, industrial PLC devices as well as e-mail. PdMAIN also offers a "vision" extension. This is specialized software and hardware that controls the quality of a manufacturing process by taking a digital image for comparison.

Q. Does PdMAIN have a uniform user interface for all application areas?


Q. Is a Data Warehouse included as part of PdMAIN?

Yes. The integrated design not only provides very advanced data mining capabilities but also affords significant performance advantages within the PdMAIN transactional system.

Q. Can PdMAIN help build strong customer relationships?

Yes, using customer relationship management functions as well as integrated customer and supplier systems.

Q. Can PdMAIN increase my profits?

Yes, in fact, PdMAIN guarantees that your organization will run more efficiently.

Q. Can PdMAIN assist internal and external auditors?

All transactions are time-stamped, logged and user identified. These functions provide complete transaction trace-ability.


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