Distribution strategies have to involve high volume, with high degree of accuracy at high efficiency - all at lowest cost. The business processes surrounding these techniques and supporting their execution in operation is critical to ensuring a company's success.

Today's distribution company needs to be able to provide its customers with timely products. PdMAIN's proven distribution solutions enable companies in the distribution industry to reduce inventory, increase productivity, and deliver products on budget and on time, every time and in a Just-In-Time up to the minute accuracy. PdMAIN specializes in applying new paradigm thinking with end-to-end automation and utilizing Information Technology management tools to deliver significant value to our customers overall supply chain management.
Distribution exists within the framework of external environmental forces, corporate strategy, business unit strategies, product availability and other functional strategies such as marketing and finance. All these elements working together will ensure the success of a logistics and distribution process. This is what PdMAIN logistics and distribution is all about, a seamless real-time system where inventory, resources and workflow management are all tightly integrated.

Inventory visibility is always available with PdMAIN software - because it is a completely on-line real-time system. When materials are scanned for receipt at the receiving dock, bin location or shipping station, the system is completely aware of it, including appropriate financial transactions in the accounting system.

PdMAIN customers can attest to:

  • 99% on-time off-the-shelf fulfillment and delivery rate
  • zero PPM defect rate
  • 90% reduction of order-to-ship time
  • 86% reduction of order entry steps
  • Increased inventory turns by 400%
  • 40%-50% reduction of lead times
  • Reduction of time to “configure” orders from hours to minutes
  • 99% next day shipping of service parts
  • 50% reduction of labor and overhead
  • 80% reduction in labor to create work orders

Specific strengths include:

  • Up to the second scheduling control to facilitate logistics and distribution shipping deliveries JIT.
  • Shipments may include: Regular, Inter-company, International,
  • Domestic, Local, Direct or Rush.
  • Direct Ship, delivered from your Supplier directly to your Customer.
  • Trailer Control
  • Ability to transmit electronically EDI files as the truck is leaving the dock
  • Provides numerous modules to deal with various shipping requirements, package shipping, sales order shipping, ship by bin etc.
  • Integrate with the supplier and customer IT infrastructure, extending the reach through the supply chain.
  • Wireless tracking and dispatch integration.
  • Complete automation and integration, shop floor through to executive offices.
  • End to end real-time, flexible enterprise business system deployment.
  • ERP implementation and consultation services.
    Sophisticated planning environment tied to the supply chain of customers.
  • Wireless, RF and bar-coding applications.
  • IT Infrastructure with hosted business systems in a fully secured and supported data center.
  • ASP - On demand business systems.
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, JIT.
  • New and emerging technologies application and deployment.

Providing the right products at the right time can mean the difference between lagging sales and market leadership. PdMAIN's Distribution modules provides rapid access to the information you need to increase inventory turns, enhance customer service and improve profitability.

The benefits of PdMAIN's distribution solution is in: efficiency of operations, saving tangible money as well as with less resources; less inventory; inventory accuracy; faster month-end close; reduction in IT operating expenses; reduction in EDI maintenance costs; and customer satisfaction all with typically an ROI realized in days.


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