Customer Care

Your software, hardware and infrastructure is supported and maintained by PdMAIN using resources that include on-site support specialists, technicians and a powerful central support system.

PdMAIN Support uses sophisticated logging and communication technology to ensure prompt resolution of requests. The PdMAIN global network will support your enterprise - no matter where it is located around the world.

PdMAIN Corp. can provide the following support, under various programs depending on your business need;

  • 24/7 Support including Level 1,2 and 3 support.

  • Telephone assistance

  • On-site support specialists

  • Remote system support using high speed connection

  • Hardware installation and maintenance support

  • System deployment assistance

  • Custom software design

  • On-line HELP system

  • Training and Education support

PdMAIN Corp. supports all your hardware and software products with maintenance and warranties - including any 3rd party products that are currently in use.

PdMAIN Corp. manages and administers your networks for you and performs remote routine system monitoring. Our IT professionals will provide continuous maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure and will provide the security and redundancy critical to protecting your core infrastructure.

PdMAIN software upgrades and service packs are released periodically as part of the Software Maintenance support arrangement.

PdMAIN customer support is also available at the web-portal.



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