Customer Relationship Management

Lasting customer value is built on one-to-one relationships and an intimate knowledge of the business you conduct with them on a daily basis.

The relationship between your company and your customers is vital.

Your customers choose to do business with you for a reason.
They usually realize more lifetime value by remaining with you rather than continually seeking new partners and establishing new relationships.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features in PdMAIN can help you instill customer confidence with accurately promised due dates and consistent delivery against them.

PdMAIN provides a suite of powerful applications that manages and leverages your relationships with your customers.

Tight integration throughout the system with inventory, resources, planning, scheduling, production, purchasing, financial and the internet; ensure accurate and real-time processing and feedback. The many capabilities of each of these areas allow you to establish solid and lasting relationships with your most precious commodity, your customers.


  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention, thereby realizing value for the time and resources invested in securing each customer
  • Grow market share with quick response to market requirements
  • Optimize profitability with repeat business


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