Company Overview

PdMAIN Corp. is a global business services company, offering a wide range of services ranging from business consulting to fully managed business services.

Founded in 1977 as a resource for the manufacturing industry, PdMAIN Corp. has over three decades of business systems design, implementation and solutions deployment experience.


Our Business DNA provides very effective technical solutions for all business functions, architected under one framework, yet available as separate services depending on the business need. All PdMAIN business solutions provide integrated workflow delivering a timely competitive advantage for mid to large sized organizations looking to drastically reduce costs associated with rework, errors and delays.

PdMAIN provides fully integrated solutions that embrace the very latest technology and go beyond standard business software by providing the consultative services and software tailored to fit business needs and optimize processes. PdMAIN's objective is to enable customers to implement lean business processes, enhancing their agility and profitability.

In order to provide enterprise-level solutions to the SMB marketplace, PdMAIN now provides on-demand software services. This model allows companies to start utilizing the system faster and pay on a per use basis, as a utility cost structure, therefore receiving rapid benefit, close to immediate payback and not require the initial outlay of financial capital that traditional enterprise business systems require.

Our distinct advantages…

Accountability PdMAIN provides end-to-end business services by combining the business functions traditionally recognized as IT, Operations and Administration and offering these as a service with measurable service levels and cost savings.
Cost Costs associated with systems integration, management and consulting are virtually eliminated. PdMAIN provides fully integrated solutions architected as a whole, yet available in manageable and affordable chunks.
Integration and Fit PdMAIN provides completely integrated enterprise business solutions offering an exact fit to a company's business model.
Accessibility and Time-to-Implement PdMAIN is web-deployable providing complete and secure functionality to any authorized employee or business partner over the Internet allowing ease of implementation, measured in weeks.
Latest Technology PdMAIN integrates wireless Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to streamline supply chain, warehouse, manufacturing and logistic functions. PdMAIN also integrates mobile computing technologies for service, transportation and maintenance applications.
Real-Time The PdMAIN transactional system offers a unique design advantage for data mining and Executive Information Systems, all in real time processing, meaning accurate information up to the second.

PdMAIN has been providing reliable and leading edge business solutions for over 29 years through proven implementation methodologies followed by certified experts.

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