Bar Codes & Scanning

Easy, Accurate and On-Time with PdMAIN

The major benefits of using barcodes in PdWMS are the ease of use, the accuracy and the timeliness with which information can be captured at the source, once, and stored. PdWMS has a wide range of touch-screen and scanner based modules for Shop Floor and Material Management applications.

Applications such as Receiving, Picking, Inventory Adjustments, Job Tracking and Time & Attendance utilize barcode data-capturing technology. Since the bar codes are intelligent, PdWMS knows exactly what type of data is being scanned and knows exactly what to do with it. For example, with two scans, inventory can be moved from one location in the warehouse to another.

The client/server approach to database design lets PdMAIN customers operate on various Windows platforms (Windows 9x, XP, Windows 2000 Workstation, Windows 2000 and Windows CE products are all supported.)

PdWMS supports all of the popular bar code types including Code 39, 2D bar codes and many others. Bar codes can be printed in lots ahead of time or as required, right on the shop floor. PdMAIN scanning can interpret many Supplier bar codes, providing greater flexibility when it comes time to receive material.

PdWMS can accommodate a wide range of bar code and scanning data capturing hardware. For example, corded, wireless, short-range, long-range, truck mounted and body-wearable touch screens and scanners are available.

The scanning function can be completely un-restricted by incorporating PdMAIN's wireless Radio Frequency technology that lets roaming workers or forklift trucks communicate with the PdMAIN application from any location within your facilities. Magnetic "swipe" cards, "Smart" cards, embedded chip technology, voice recognition, optical readers and even finger print scanning technology is available, where appropriate, for collecting information in PdWMS.

PdWMS generates bar code labels using thermal transfer printers, including high-volume, personal, and wireless printers. PdWMS comes with a variety of standard bar code labels designed for all media shapes and sizes. The PdMAIN Shop Floor and Material Management modules support bar code printing on demand, allowing greater control and accuracy of bar code labeling within the production and receiving area. In addition to the supplied labels, PdMAIN customers can create custom labels to suit their individual needs and that of their customer compliancy requirements.

PdMAIN's Shop Floor and Materials Management modules provide inventory tracking in a production/warehouse environment including Issue, Receiving, Transfer, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Adjustments, Replenishment and Cycle Counting. Other Shop Floor functions include Time and Attendance, Job Tracking and Work Centre Utilization.

PdMAIN Touch Screen modules are intuitive to learn and easy to use, yet extremely flexible and powerful. The standard "look and feel" of the user interface (screen layout, icons, data locations and field colours) make it easy to quickly record, retrieve and view information as well as reduce the learning curve for other displays.

Most Shop Floor and Material Management modules use bar code scanning as the primary source of data input. The Virtual Keyboard, standard in all touch screen modules, allows manual data entry if a bar code is unavailable or damaged.

When Receiving uses ASN's (EDI: Advance Ship Notices) from Suppliers, then bar code tracking labels can be generated just before the Materials arrive and applied to the Items as they are received. The PdMAIN specialized Packing modules are user-defined to support different business rules and requirements.

The Shop Floor and Materials Management modules were designed to work in a production environment where people tend to move around. PdMAIN uses Radio Frequency technology to network these mobile computers. Touch screen computers equipped with scanners can be mounted just about anywhere: on forklift trucks, on mobile tables, on electric dollies and even worn on the human body (arm). A standard marine battery is used to power the portable touch screen computer and any printers that may be attached. If the computer is mounted to a forklift truck, the power can be siphoned directly from the truck's power supply. An antenna on each touch screen computer allows it to communicate using radio waves with the network Access Points mounted in the ceiling. The bar code scanners can be connected to the touch screen computers directly or they, themselves, can use Radio Frequency technology to link with PdMAIN allowing the user to be further from the computer when scanning.

Whatever the application, whatever the equipment requirement, PdMAIN has the solution!


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