(Rules-Based, Dynamic Workflow Framework)

PdWORKFLOW is a framework integrated into all PdMAIN software applications providing sophisticated workflow routing, time management, alerting and exception reporting.

The PdWORKFLOW framework can be easily integrated to any new internet-based application development to ensure that any of your "custom" software projects will be built on a sound foundation utilizing the latest in workflow technology.

Workflow management is proven technology, which is increasingly being exploited by businesses in a variety of industries. Its primary characteristic is the automation of processes involving combinations of human and machine-based activities, particularly those involving interaction with IT applications and tools.

Although its most prevalent use is within the office environment in staff intensive operations such as insurance, banking, legal and general administration etc., it is becoming more acceptable for some classes of industrial and manufacturing applications.

The main benefit of workflow is in efficiency of operations specifically with proactive business processes. This saves time, as the right people are notified immediately as the event happens, as well as the right people are notified and/or prompted for authoritative approvals. An example is in a JIT environment, as the receiver at the dock accepts materials, the production line can be notified of its immediate availability.

The PdMAIN application bridges the productivity gap by having a fully integrated solution that introduces PdWORKFLOW as a component of the process and integrates it with the entire PdMAIN enterprise suite.

Feature Highlights:

  • User-friendly process modeling interface (similar to Microsoft Visio)
  • Scalable and reliable foundation
  • Integrated, user-defined alerting and thresholds
  • Detailed labour reporting and process analytics
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