PdSECURE provides peace of mind for your valuable cargo.

The PdSECURE solution includes a security-focused onboard device that can be applied to any truck or cargo conveyance, including intermodal containers and construction equipment. Our fleet security solutions are scaleable. When it comes to fleet security and management, one size does not fit all. PdMAIN delivers solutions that fit your requirements and your budget.

Integrated GPS Tracking

PdSECURE provides onboard security hardware that provides you with complete visibility and situational awarenes through advanced mobile asset security and location data 24/7. You always know the security status of your cargo, the real-time location of your asset, and if a violation has taken place. For example, you'll know immediately if:

  • A trailer has been untethered or hooked up to an alien truck.
  • If a hazardous shipment is off-course
  • If perishables are at risk due to failure of HVAC equipment
  • If there is an unauthorized entry into your trailer

Our custom approach to building your solution means you also get the power management capability that best suits your needs – optional 90 days or more for untethered trailers – with our ultra-low power consumption unit.


Truck Security

When it comes to trucking security, PdSECURE stands in a class of its own. If increasing insurance premiums or cargo theft are problems, or if you simply need greater confidence in the integrity of your operations, then PdSECURE can help.

PdSECURE provides you complete visibility and situational awareness through advanced mobile asset security and location data 24/7. You always know vehicle and cargo security status, the real-time location of your asset, if a violation has taken place, or if there is an exception to your pre-determined business rules.



Trailer/Container Security

PdSECURE’s trailer security solutions can be designed for application to any variety of trailers including commercial transportation trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle cargo trailers, recreational vehicle trailers and boat trailers. Our technology can also be easily adapted to fit on motor coaches and recreational vehicles as well.


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