(Supply Chain Visibility)



Finally get the visibility you need to effectively manage your supply of imported raw material and finished products.

Today's business environment is defined by rapid change on a global scale, as expanding competition, shorter product lifecycles, and the emergence of increasingly complex, distributed business models has forever changed the way companies do business.

This environment has made excellence in supply chain execution and security a critical factor that separates market leaders from those that follow.  The emergence of new technologies promise to further distance leaders from followers as forward-thinking companies embrace these technologies as an enabler of real-time, technology driven supply chain execution and automated security solutions.

From raw material, component and supplier management to inventory control, production, assembly, distribution and delivery to the end-user, PdMAIN utilizes the latest technology and industry expertise to enhance and secure your supply chain.

As more and more companies utilize third party suppliers (3PS), located off-shore, for the manufacturing and assembly of products, now more than ever before, it is critical to expand the reach of supplier and materials management.

PdMAIN SCV translates and standardizes supplier information and provides organizations with real-time visibility of the Supply Chain. Subscribers to the SCV service can track containers, materials, trailers and pallets from the time the shipment leaves the supplier's shipping dock to the time it arrives at the destination receiving dock.

Feature Highlights:

  • Suggested Purchase Order and Purchase Order Requirements – Planning & Acknowledgement

  • Shipment Release (Purchase Order) & Acknowledgement

  • "On-the-Water" visibility - Container Routing, etc.

  • "On-the-Water" web administration interface updatable by Freight Forwarders

  • Shipment allocation

  • Alerts - related to shipment dates, quantities, no response / action, etc.

  • User definable 'Tolerances' on Alert creation.

  • Administration Tool to configure user access and security

  • History / logs of changes made

  • Analysis reports

  • Ability to export report data to Excel, PDF or Word

  • Use of “audience definable” comments


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