(Radio Frequency ID)



PdRFID solutions provide efficient and effective ways to track large inventory items and assets such as vehicles, containers and machinery.  

PdRFID solutions can provide significant benefits to any organization looking to improve large asset/inventory management. Below are some real life examples of the possible benefits of implementing a PdRFID solution;

  • Improve manageability and visibility of;
    • material
    • manufactured units
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve quality
  • Improve servicing efficiency

Whatever the real-world application, PdMAIN will provide the RFID solution tailored to your business need. From Barcode, Passive RFIDs to Active, GPS RFIDs - PdMAIN will provide the solution that ultimately drives productivity, growth and immediate return on investment.

The key differentiators of PdMAIN's, PdRFID solutions are;

  • Solution is tailored to the exact fit of your business need
  • Immediate ROI
  • Low infrastructure cost
  • Low implementation risk
  • Short implementation time
  • Easily integrated to 3rd


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