Fast, efficient, reliable and auditable two way communication is essential to any dispatch system. PdDISPATCH takes this one step further by providing on-line, real-time information to drastically reduce errors, rework and overall cost to manage your fleet.

Used in conjunction with PdTRACK, PdDISPATCH provides maximum visibility of your fleet on a minute-to-minute basis. Fast two way text communication allows you to send job details to and from the mobile technician or vehicle. Through the use of the latest mobile technology dispatchers can easily access real time job status, geo-location and provide guidance without the use of a telephone.

Schedule Boards

PdDISPATCH provides the ultimate visibility of your mobile workforce by providing selected or all of your mobile worker's schedules on one screen, along with a list of every open service ticket. Simply click a button to create your service call, attach one or more service tickets, see which driver or technician is right for the job AND available, and assign the call. Your tech is automatically notified and the service call is automatically placed on his or her calendar!

With PdDISPATCH Scheduling and Dispatching feature, you always know who is available for assignment, your field service team will always know where they need to be, and you'll always be sure that your key accounts are being serviced in a timely manner. Spend less time figuring out who's doing what and more time on billable activities.

Feature Highlights:

  • See Priorities at A Glance
  • See Every Tech's Schedule In One Place Prevent Scheduling Conflicts
  • Create Statements Of Work Effortlessly
  • Map Service Call Location With A Single Click
  • Send Route Guidance to Mobile Technicians or Drivers
  • See Integrated Ticket & Service Call Info
  • View Service Calls Any Way You Want
  • Automate Management Of Tickets Assigned To Service Calls


Intelligent Mobile Tools

By equipping your fleet with the right mobile technology, PdDISPATCH allows you to drastically reduce costs by automating many of the tasks that are currently run manually. Examples include bar-code scanning of inventory moves, proof of delivery with digital signature recognition, instant update of inventory and financials in your legacy systems, geo-location visibility through GPS and direct text or voice communication.

Feature Highlights:

  • Proof of Delivery with Digital Signature Recognition
  • "In-the-field" RFID Inventory Scanning
  • "In-the-field" Barcode Scanning
  • Communication Forms Templates for Minimal Data Entry
  • "In-the-field" Invoicing and Quotations
  • Route Planning and Navigation Guidance
  • Service Call Time Tracking
  • GPS Geo-Location Tracking
  • Magnetic Barcode Reader for Credit Card Transactions


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